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There are quick menus (top menu bar) or you can use the Search Box to navigate our store. Most images are clickable and should lead you to a product page for any item you select. Add anything you wish to the shopping cart, including quantities for each item, as you go through. You can modify your order at any time, so don’t worry about finalizing your order until you're done. Our store changes from time to time and new menus can appear or scrolling galleries and we hope that these changes help improve your shopping experience with us.

Shopping Cart

The shopping cart updates your order automatically, including all discounts and shipping charges, so you can see exactly what your order is going to cost you before you go to check out. Generally, we show quantity in stock near the pay button. If you order more, it may cause a delay in your order. If there is no quantity shown, email us and get us to check for you.

To check your cart the should be a View Cart button somewhere near the top of the page you are on.

How our discount system works...

We DON"T use a buy 1 the price is $x.xx or buy 10 the price is $x.xx blah blah blah system. Nope ours is very simple. The price shown on the payment button is for one unit only (a pair of earrings, TierraCast charm, 16" strand of beads, etc). If you purchase an additional unit, then a discount starts right away. You will see a Discount Amount** shown on the bottom of the cart. This will be a negative amount. This amount increases the more of that item you purchase and the cart total immediately reflects the discount - no need for a coupon. You can review your savings and adjust your purchase to suit your needs.

As an added bonus, the shipping charges go down as your cart increases in amount.

Check our shipping page for details.

Free Shipping on orders over $100    All prices are in CAD$    Ships next business day

All our prices are in USD.

Sample Cart

Here is a sample cart showing some of the features described above.

Here we purchase 16 pairs of Sterling Silver earwires at $1.30 starting at the first and a 15% discount was applied on the remaining 15. This gives us a Discount of $2.93 shown as a negative value at the bottom. Our purchase total is more than $100 so we receive Free Shipping. Now we simply need to checkout.

Sample Cart

We can decide to pay with PayPal ( right side button) or with a Credit/ Debit Card (left side Check Out button).

Sample Cart - Domestic



CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: GST & HST are currently included as part of the purchase price. However, we do pay a tax component and your receipt showing the tax portion of the purchase.

International Customers: We do not charge taxes on international orders. Taxes, if applicable, will be collected by customs or the post office representing the appropriate taxing authority. Generally, taxes are the same taxes collected when making domestic purchases, with a small fee for processing.


See SHIPPING PRICES at the top menu bar for more details on our shipping services.

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Tel: 1 (250) 571-4366 (9:00AM - 5:00PM PST) What is this in my time zone?

You may contact us any time, even on weekends, through the email above. Please make sure that you whitelist our email by adding it to your email contacts so that our reply to you is not lost in your junk mail filter. We will return your email within 24 to 48 hours.

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