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What’s New in 2015 and dreaming of a tropical island

Paua Shell Silver Earrings

Hello, everyone!

A belated Happy New Year and welcome to 2015, which depending on where you live, is starting off a bit on the snowy side. Lots of snow is great and to enjoy it, all one needs to do is open the door and step outside. However, during deep winter, one may wish to visit a tropical island in the middle of a turquoise sea and leave the snow behind… at least for a little while.

We have added some new earrings to our Turquoise Island collection to help us stave off the winter blues. These earrings are made with Paua Shells that have iridescent shades of lavender, purple, aqua, blue and green; great colors for being on the beach or a tropical island, such as our imaginary Turquoise Island. We made these fabulous earrings in three colors – black, silver and gold.

Paua Shell Black Pewter EarringsPaua Shell Silver Pewter EarringsPaua Shell Gold Earrings
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