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DIY Leather Cord Jewelry – 5mm Stitched Suede


5mm Stitched Suede Round Leather Cord

5mm Stitched Suede Round Leather Cord

We would like to introduce you to 5mm stitched suede leather cord from Leather Cord USA. This cord is wonderful with a suede leather strip wrapped and stitched around a solid cotton core. The cord is stitched so that you end up with a round profile. The stitching is tight enough you generally don’t see the inner core or loose threads.

We have the following colors:

Black Gecko Turquoise Pebble Grey Green Pink Turquoise


We have a wish list of more colors

like the Black and White Zebra*, Royal Blue Pebble*, Red Pebble*, Black Pebble*, Metallic Gecko and so on…

*These colors have arrived and just waiting for us to list them 🙂

We get them in 10 meter rolls

… and we sell them by the foot – so there is a potential 30 plus feet available in a single length. If you order 9 ft, you should get a 9 ft continuous piece.

Now that being said, the manufacturer will have joins along the way. They are unavoidable – in the words of a fellow reseller “there is no cow so long…” when asked by a customer as to why there was a join. Keep this in mind on longer lengths.

Buyer Tips

Want more than one?
A 15% discount for each item is offered when more than one unit is purchased. Discount is automatically applied to the second and more items. Quantities can be adjusted in cart. All our prices are in USD$.

Free Shipping on orders over $100 All prices are in USD$    Ships next business day

So what can we do with this cord?

Check out this book cover image.

This is one of our jewelry artists soon to be published!!!

Well soon, as in December…

This is a compilation of jewelry projects with a chainmail theme. And what do we see featured on the cover, but a pebble print cord. So here, larger than life, is one project that fully uses the cord we’re describing.

OK where can you buy the book?

Pre-order now on, Barnes & Noble, Kalmbach Jewelry & Beading Store, Chapters Indigo .

StravaMaxMINICheck out our webstore , or look for us on StravaMax on Etsy . We appreciate all our customers – large or small – jewelry makers or those looking for unique handmade jewelry.

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Jewelry on Sale >>> Beach Wedding Earrings


Beach Wedding Earrings

Spring is almost here and it’s time to think about green lawns, tulips, daffodils, roses and weddings.

A spring wedding is such a wonderful start to a new year with family and friends getting together for this most precious of ceremonies. The wedding dress, flower girls, tuxedos and gowns to be acquired. Visits to hairdressers and gift shops, catering plans to be made. Last but not least, plan for a trip to an exotic island in the middle of a turquoise sea for the honeymoon.

Here is a selection of theme earrings for that special occasion – Beach Wedding Earrings.

These earrings are currently 25% off regular retail price!!!



These earrings come in 4 amazing colorways: Sea Green, White , Pink and Turquoise. These earrings are 80mm long and are created with the traditional pearly freshwater pearls that add an elegant touch to a textured steel chain frame adorned with pewter seashells ending in a starfish charm. These earrings are deluxe sterling leverbacks with shell adornments.

Whether you are getting married by the ocean, on the beach or maybe just love pearls and shells, these earrings are for you.

Earring Size: 3-1/8″ or 80mm
Weight: 8 grams/ earring

The earring size is measured from the top of the earwires to the bottom of the lowest bead or component.

Jewelry Components:

♥ These earrings are handmade by us for you ♥

Sea Green Beach Silver EarringsWhite Beach Silver EarringsPink Beach Silver EarringsTurquoise Beach Silver Earrings

Check out our webstore , or look for us on StravaMax on Etsy . We appreciate all our customers – large or small – jewelry makers or those looking for unique handmade jewelry.