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Crystals For You


Swarovski Crystals

Aug 6th – Series 6191 Divine Rock

Here are some old but new crystals. We were able to get some of these crystals although Swarovski likely doesn’t make them anymore.

These crystal are 27mm asymmetrical  pendants cut to the likeness of a rock with a slice through the center front.  This crystal has an organic shape perhaps designed to an asteroid type rock with a divine or celestial origin. Try Red Magma to add fire to your next jewelry project, or Montana for a deep navy blue with a hint of green and ,of course, Jet with its inky black, a default color for almost any design.


Recently we reloaded a few of our crystals that were sold out or relatively low.

Crystal AB 6723 Seashell Crystal AB 6723 Seashell Pendant

This crystal pendant is an absolutely stunning shell-shaped crystal that would be ideal for your next sea life or beach inspired jewelry project. This crystal has an added rainbow shine that comes with the AB (Aurora Borealis) finish. Crystal AB reflects a myriad of colors as you turn this pendant or view from different angles.


Peridot AB 5328 crystal bicones Peridot AB 5328 Xilion Bicones

These crystal beads bring a fresh feel to most projects. “AB” stands for “Aurora Borealis,” and signifies that the beads have been given a special coating on one side of them that reflects light in a multitude of colors.


Sun 5328 crystal bicones Sun 5328 Xilion Bicones

These crystal beads are a stunning color that is a deep crystal orange. Besides the distinctive color, these beads will add light and dazzle to your project.


Jonquil 5328 crystal bicones Jonquil 5328 Xilion Bicones

These crystal beads are a beautiful light lemon yellow that will add light to your project.


Crystal AB 5328 crystal bicones Crystal AB 5328 Xilion Bicones

These crystal beads are perfect for those occasions when a bit of shine and sparkle is needed for a project, but not necessarily more color. These crystals have the added rainbow shine that comes with the AB (Aurore Boreale) finish.


Amethyst 5328 crystal bicones Amethyst 5328 Xilion bicones

These crystal beads are charming in many ways. These crystal beads almost put real amethysts to shame. With such a lovely, pure hue, these bicones will suit many different projects.