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Earth Tone – Gemstone


Gemstone Beads

Spring is almost here and with this wonderful season (perhaps the favorite season of all) brings us a festival of color.

Spring is the most inspiring time of year for artists and craftspeople alike.

Mother Nature brings with her a pallette of new colors when she repaints the landscape. Hills and valleys once covered in snow, frost and ice transform once again into diverse colors. Browns and greens dotted with flowers of every color replace the whites, greys and blues of winter.

There are all the spring flowers such as crocuses, daffodils and tulips that bombard us with their wondrous beauty. These colors are replicated in crystal and glass beads of various kinds. But for contrast we need earth tone colors.

Earth Tone – Gemstone

What better way of finding earth tone colors than looking at gemstone beads. When we speak of colors such as mahogany brown, desert sand, forest green, slate grey, burnt orange, we speak of color that surrounds us when we are out on a hike or camping or swimming at the lake.

Our gemstone beads are semi-precious, some are natural and generally dyed, some are man-made. This will be noted in the image page of each bead.

Poppy Jasper

Poppy Jasper BeadsThe pack mule of earth tone colors would be Jasper. Full of brown tones these beads will bring that natural look and feel to your jewelry project. These beads are available in Poppy Jasper round beads, and chip beads or Leopard Skin Jasper round beads. We also have this bead as 16mm pipe beads.

Jasper can be a reddish brown or mottled brown and red coloring with dark grey patches. Jasper is a solid and/or patterned mixture of microcrystalline quartz, chalcedony and opal. Jasper very popular in jewelry because of its coloring and durability.



Snowflake Obsidian

Snowflake Obsidian BeadsThe backwater of color tones are the greys such as found in Snowflake Obsidian. Grey is necessary for contrast and grey by itself can be a great project starter. These beads are available in round beads, and chip beads. We also have this bead as 16mm pipe beads.

Snowflake Obsidian has grey and black crystallized patches giving it its unique look and name. These soft grey and black obsidian beads will add a natural element to your jewelry designs.




Sodalite BeadsEvery color palette needs a blue and Sodalite is a great bead for this color.  Sodalite is well known for its royal blue coloring but also has a mix of grey and white patches. These beads are available in round beads, and chip beads. We also have this bead as 16mm pipe beads.

Sodalite beads are a semi-precious gemstone with a range of blue shades than can include cobalt blue, lapis blue, navy and royal blue mixed with creamy white or grey patches. Sodalite is a component of lapis and can be difficult to distinguish one from the other.



Tiger’s Eye

Tiger's Eye BeadsThese fabulous brown tones found on this bead can be the foundation color of many jewelry projects. Tiger’s Eye offers a variety of rich brown colors along with its special cat’s eye effect. These beads are available in round beads, and chip beads. Digging around one can find some other types of beads such as 6mm Faceted Round Beads, and 14mm Honey Blue Tiger Eye Oval Beads.

Tiger’s Eye is a type of quartz where fibers of blue and golden asbestos are replaced with crytocrystalline quartz. This provides the chatoyancy (cat’s eye effect) characteristic of this gemstone. These beads have bands of light browns (toffee or caramel coloring) through to dark (near black) with a high gloss silky luster.

Tree Agate

Tree Agate BeadsTree Agate is a great edition to our earth tone bead collection. When one looks at this bead, you see early spring with grass showing through snow with its dark and light greens patches blending softly into the soft snowy whites. These beads are available in round beads, and chip beads.

These Tree Agate beads a type of agate that has variegated dark medium and forest greens mixed with a light pastel green and creamy whites.




White Howlite

White Howlite BeadsWe end with a basic white bead such as White Howlite. This bead is the earthtone color of the snowy Alps or the northern peaks of the Rocky Mountains. A great background or contrast bead for any project. These beads are available in round beads, and chip beads.

White Howlite is white silicate found in evaporite deposits that has a grey or black matrix. Named after its discoverer – Henry How. These white and grey beads will add a natural element to your jewelry designs.