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Gold Silver Copper Brass Gun Metal Metal Strips

Silver Wire and Findings

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Sterling Silver Components

What is Sterling Silver? Sterling Silver is 92.5% Silver and 7.5% Alloy Metal. Metal alloy is added for strength and durability.

PLEASE NOTE: This wire cannot be used for electrical, welding or construction projects. It is for jewelry use only.

3mm Sterling Silver Round Beads3mm Smooth
Round Beads
Sterling Silver

US$15.00/ 100

3mm - 4 left

3mm Corrugated Round Bead Sterling Silver3mm Corrugated
Round Bead
Sterling Silver

US$0.25/ ea

3mm - 163 left

4.5mm Stardust S-Cut Bead Sterling Silver4.5mm Stardust
S-Cut Bead
Sterling Silver

US$0.70/ ea

4.5mm - 30 left

Sterling Silver Hoop Earrings

US$2.99/ Pair

3 left

Sterling Silver Hook Earwires with coil

US$1.30/ Pair

14 left

Sterling Silver Hook Earwires

US$1.60/ Pair

45 left

Sterling Silver Leverback Earwires

US$3.72/ Pair


Sterling Silver Shell Leverback Earwires

US$5.99/ Pair

5 left

Sterling Silver Waves Toggle Clasp

US$19.99/ ea

6 left

Fleur Slot Pinch Bail Sterling Silver

US$1.42/ ea

15 left

Curvy Slot Pinch Bail Sterling Silver

US$5.99/ ea

10 left

Grooved Pinch Bail Sterling Silver

US$4.99/ ea

9 left

0.7mm Sterling Silver Crimp End with Eyelet

US$0.79/ ea

38 left

1.2mm Sterling Silver Crimp End with Eyelet

US$0.79/ ea

36 left

Sterling Silver Snake Chain

US$0.99/ inch

120 left

4mm Sterling Cable Chain

US$8.12/ ft

7 left

24 Gauge Sterling Silver Head Pins

Choose Size:

22 Gauge Sterling Silver Head Pins

Choose Size:

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Silver/ Rhodium Plate/ Silvertone Components

X Slider Spacer Bead Silver Plate - 10 x 7mmX Slider
10 x 7mm
Silver Plate

US$1.50/ ea

40 left

3-1 Figaro Chain Silver Plated

US$2.00/ ft

40 left

5-1 Figaro Chain Silver Plate

US$1.50/ ft

54 left

Small Leather Crimp Ends Silver Plate 
Small Crimp End
Silver Plate

US$2.80/ 100

28 left

Leather Crimp Ends Silver Plate 
Leather Crimp End
Silver Plate



2mm Silver Plate Round Crimp Beads


13 left

X Slider Spacer Bead Silver Plate - 10 x 7mmX Slider
10 x 7mm
Silver Plate

US$1.50/ ea

40 left

Slider Bail Silver Plate - 10.5 x 7mmSlider Bail
10.5 x 7mm
Silver Plate

US$1.50/ ea

15 left

Magnetic Clasp Finding for leather cord 
Magnetic Clasp
Bright Silver

US$2.50/ ea

30 left

5mm End Cap with Loop Rhodium Plate 
5mm End Cap
Rhodium Plate

US$8.00/ 100

5 left

6mm End Cap with Loop Gold Plate 
6mm End Cap
Bright Rhodium


6 left

11mm Open Spiral Bead Cap

US$5.70/ 25

5 left

6mm Wedge Pattern Antiqued Silver Bead

US$2.99/ 10

4 left

2.5mm Snake Chain Bracelet Silver Plate

US$3.00/ ea

6 left

2.5mm Snake Chain Necklace Silver Plate

US$9.00/ ea


Rhodium Plated Head Pins

Choose Size:

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TierraCast Jewelry Components

We have a large selection of pewter jewelry components by TierraCast. Find plated finishes silver, copper and gold as well as black, brass oxide , antique pewter and rhodium. Find decorative beads, charms, clasps, rings and links, pins, a variety of leather products, and earwires, pins, jump rings and more...

Beads Charms Clasps LeatherMiscellaneous


Gold Silver Copper Brass Gun Metal Metal Strips


Wire Gauge Diameters

What is Wire Gauge?

Jewelry wire is most commonly measured for thickness or diameter using the American Wire Gauge system (AWG).

American Wire Gauge is the accepted system for determining the sizes of round wire in Canada and United States. There are other wire gauge systems used by different industries (Steel and Music wire).

Some basics of the AWG system include:

16 - 20 Gauge wires are currently the heaviest gauges wire that we carry. This wire can be used for creating the frame for your project, create jump rings, or wire art involving hammer work. Because of the thickness, this wire can be a little tough to work with. If you are stringing beads make sure the thread hole on the bead is large enough to allow the wire through.

22-24 Gauge wires are most common for wire wrapping and general wire work as they are thin enough to fit through most bead thread holes and yet strong enough to provide a good hold. Our head and eye pins are mostly 24 gauge. Again use the table above for the wire diameter and make sure the wire suits your needs.

26-28 Gauges are thread-like and are used on fine or delicate beads or smaller project like wrapping beads onto earwires. These gauges are also commonly used for basket weaving and lace work.

Wire Art Basics

There are many uses and methods of working with wire and as many books written on the subject. Books are very useful for beginning jewelry makers or craftspeople but you can't beat watching a wire artist in action. However, all you need is a few basic wraps and a couple of special effects using a jig or hammer and you can make jewelry of any type.

Common tools that can be used for wire work include:

Chain nose pliers & wire cutters will also be required for basic wire work. Try to get tools that fit your hand and in some cases protective coverings over the metal jaws to prevent scarring of the wire. There are many other tools that are designed exclusively for wire work. We will be getting a page for jewelry tools set up soon. In the meantime, let us know if you would like to see a flyer of the tools we have available.

WIRE JIGS - good ones are Beadalon Thing-A-Ma-Jig and can be found with wire bending kits. These jigs can produce wonderful designs and you may also want to combine bending with hammering to produce amazing pieces.



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