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Iron Rain collection

Astronomers speak of dwarf suns that inhabit our universe, where iron rains down from metallic clouds. These "failed stars" are called brown dwarfs and are much cooler than our sun or other stars that are hot enough to trigger fusion reactions. Instead, brown dwarfs, at a mere 3000°F, have intense weather patterns, much like those on Jupiter or Neptune, except at tempturatures high enough to vaporize iron into clouds.

In a more down-to-Earth concept, our Iron Rain series features dark blue and black jewelry with plenty of shine, enough to excite ideas about our interstellar cousins and the weather they might be having.

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Chessboard Crystal Jet Macrame Bracelet


Helix Nebula Gold Earrings


Helix Nebula Sterling Earrings


Galaxy Crystal Dark Silver Earrings


Galaxy Crystal Light Silver Earrings


Galaxy Aqua Dark Silver Earrings


Galaxy Aqua Light Silver Earrings


Nebula Dark Sapphire Blue Silver Earrings


Nebula Galaxy Heliotrope Sterling Earrings


Montana Blue Crystal Rock Necklace


Black Rainbow Wrap Bracelet

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