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Tears of Titan Earrings

Tears of Titan Earrings

Tears of Titan Earrings Tears of Titan Earrings Tears of Titan Earrings Tears of Titan Earrings


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♥ These earrings are handmade by us for you ♥

Tears of Titan Earrings are created using Swarovski crystal beads and faceted briolettes. The chain and leverback earwires are solid sterling silver. These earrings are shoulder dusters with a length of 5 inches (130mm).

There is a large moon that orbits Saturn where methane rains down onto a frigid landscape. Similar to Earth, Titan has an atmosphere - although not one you can breathe and it would be a dark place so far from the sun. Here, it is so cold, that what is normally a gas on Earth is turned to liquid. Fortunately, these earrings aren't made of methane, but of fabulous Swarovski crystal. Titan may never cry, but if it did these may be its tears.

About the components: The crystal pendants are Swarovski Crystal Briolettes which have an effect called Montana Blend meaning they are part montana blue and part clear crystal. There are 20 Swarovski crystal beads to each earring, including Montana Blend, Crystal Silver Night and Jet. The same beads are used equally on both earrings. These beads were carefully hand placed to create the cluster at the top and the "droplets" down the chain. All metal components are sterling silver. Leverback earwires were chosen, as they provide the most secure hold.

Earring Size: 5-0" or 130mm

The earring size is measured from the top of the earwires to the bottom of the lowest bead or component.

Jewelry Components:

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