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Metalwork Earrings

Metalwork earrings are earrings handcrafted with copper, brass, steel and other metals. We cut out and decorate these shapes by hand, so each one is completely unique and you'll never find their exact duplicate anywhere else!


♥ These earrings are handmade by us for you ♥

Other Metals

This category includes earrings with other metals not listed below such as aluminum, brass or a mix or combination of metals.


Stainless Steel Earrings

Highly durable and sporting a silver-like finish, stainless steel is a beautiful metal that, despite its humble origins, shines just as brightly as any other.

Stainless Steel Radiant Texture Oval Earrings


Stainless Steel Hammered Oval Earrings



Copper Earrings

Copper is a metal with many uses. Well-known for its malleable nature and its conductivity, it has become an important metal in many industries. However, it's also unique in its beauty: copper is the only metal with this natural, beautiful orange-red color.

Copper Fire Diamond Earrings

Choose Length

Copper Earrings with Fuchsite


Caterpillar Disk Copper Earrings


Copper Heart Earrings with Air Blue Opal Crystal Hearts


Copper Heart Earrings with Red Crystal Hearts


Copper Heart Earrings with Zircon Blue Crystal Hearts


Wild Heart Red Copper Earrings


Raspberry Heart Copper Earrings


Copper Diamond Purple and Green Earrings




All our earrings are for pierced ears and are sold in pairs (as shown).

What does antiqued mean? Generally antiqued means that the surface is treated to have a vintage or aged look. Any recesses in the patterning of the component has a dark or black appearance while the remaining areas appear shiny. We can use dark and antiqued interchangeably.

What does dark mean? Dark means that the finish is dark or darkened as in antiqued. We use this term when brass oxide components are used. Brass Oxide resembles vintage gold.

What is Bright Rhodium? Our Bright Rhodium components are TierraCast Rhodium Plated Britannia Pewter given a layer of silver under the Rhodium to improve the overall color.

What is Bright Gold? Our Bright Gold components are TierraCast 22k Gold Plate Britannia Pewter.

What is Gold Filled? Gold Filled components have a thick gold outer layer over a base metal base. Unlike Gold Plate or Vermeil, Gold Filled is durable and can last as long as pure Gold components. Enjoy the beauty of gold without the cost.

Where do we get the Charm Pendants? All the earrings in our charm earrings section are made with TierraCast charm pendants. We are a direct importer of TierraCast components. TierraCast is a USA based company that specializes in quality pewter cast components for the jewelry making industry.

What does the size mean? The size shown is from the top of the earwire to the bottom of the lowest point of the pendant.

If you require additional information on a particular item click on the thumbnail or title and you will be taken to the individual item page. These pages have enlarged photos, specs, prices, similar jewelry and more.

About your purchase...

Generally, your order will be mailed to you within 24 hours or the next business day. We use Canada Post / USPS shipping services. Canadian customers will be charged applicable taxes. We have a 60-day return policy for all of our jewelry. See our Return Policy Page for details.

If you have questions, contact us at 1-250-571-4366 or email us.