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Strava Jewelry Earrings

We design and hand-craft our own jewelry in British Columbia, Canada. We have a unique vision that makes our jewelry special and quality craftsmanship is important to us. We want you to love the jewelry that you purchased from us and to enjoy it for years to come! Currently all our earrings styles are for pierced ears. Enjoy our signature designs such as the Galaxy Series, Crystal Passion, Cascades, and others.


♥ These earrings are handmade by us for you ♥


A Romantic Spell Jewelry CollectionA Romantic Spell

Every one has a different way of showing their affection such as a sending a card or flowers, or a gift or having a romantic dinner at a special restaurant or maybe a combination of these. If you are a "gift" person, this collection may be for you.

Iron Rain Jewelry CollectionIron Rain

Astronomers speak of dwarf suns that inhabit our universe, where iron rains down from metallic clouds. Find jewelry with black or dark colors with rainbow finishes. Find popular earrings such as Iron Rain, Tears of Titan and Blue Ice Shadow.

Neon Nights Jewelry CollectionNeon Nights

Neon reminds us of bustling nights in the big cities, bright signs and images playfully lighting up the streets, inviting us to take part in the fun and excitement. Neon colors such as yellow, green, orange, and pink challenge us to stand out of the crowd, be seen, and proclaim our youth!

Safari Prints Jewelry CollectionSafari Prints

It's a jungle out there!!! So why not get tribal with this collection. The skin patterns of cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, and tigers have long been coveted as fashionable add-ons, whether as prints for shirts, dresses, leggings, and other accessories, or as bases for jewelry and jewelry components of various kinds.

Turquoise Island Jewelry CollectionTurquoise Island

Although there is no such place, there should be. It would be a fabulous island in the middle of a turquoise sea. Find turquoise colored or tropical island themed jewelry such as our popular Beach Wedding Earrings or Paua Shell Earrings with their iridescent shine.

Winter Jewelry CollectionWinter

Winter brings snow that children and dogs love to play in. Winter brings us hockey and skiing and sledding. Jack Frost greets as we once again welcome Old Man Winter bringing us snowflakes of which no two are the same. Find cool silver, light blues, crystal, white and lots of winter style earrings.


Chainmail Earrings

Featuring our chain and chainmail earrings. Find designs including Inca Puno, Celtic, and our Iron Rain series earrings.


Charm Earrings

Here is our selection of beautiful charm earrings featuring animals, religious, cross, om, holiday, xmas, easter, plus more... All charms used are TierraCast pewter. TierraCast is a USA-based company that specializes in quality pewter cast components for the jewelry-making industry.


Crystal Earrings

All of our crystal earrings are made with Swarovski crystals. Swarovski is one of the world's best and greatest crystal manufacturers, so we use their crystals because of the precision and quality of their beads. Our challenge is to apply these crystals to our designs while ensuring that their sparkling beauty really shines through.


Gemstone Earrings

Our gemstone earrings include a variety of stone beads that range from natural stone beads, from BC Jade and Peruvian Opal to lab-created amethyst and chalcedony. Truly, there's nothing more stunning than the beauty Mother Nature designed!


Metal Earrings

Metal Earrings are handcrafted earrings with copper, brass, steel and other metals. We've cut out designs in a variety of shapes and styled them until they glitter and sparkle!


Miscellaneous Earrings

This is the miscellaneous earrings page where all our new earrings come first, but it's also for those unique earrings that don't quite fit on any other page. Currently this page includes Shell and Pearl Earrings, and much more!


If you require additional information on a particular item click on the thumbnail or title and you will be taken to the individual item page. These pages have enlarged photos, specs, prices, similar jewelry and more.

About your purchase...

Generally, your order will be mailed to you within 24 hours or the next business day. We use Canada Post / USPS shipping services. Canadian customers will be charged applicable taxes. We have a 60-day return policy for all of our jewelry. See our Return Policy Page for details.

If you have questions, contact us at 1-250-571-4366 or email us.