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Earrings By Color: Purple

Purple embraces that fine line between hot and cold. It can be bold and bright, like fuchsia, or it can be mellow and soothing, like lavender. It's the color of orchids, eggplants, amethyst, and violets.

Purple is the color of the spiritual: it represents truth, authenticity, vision, and awareness. A perfect mix of red and blue, there are so many options for adding a drop of purple to your day.

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♥ These earrings are handmade by us for you ♥

Purple Floral Heart Earrings with sterling earwires


Purple Floral Heart Earrings with gold filled earwires


Metallic Plum Floral Pendant Silver Earrings


Purple Shell Earrings with gold filled earwires


Copper Diamond Purple and Green Earrings


Charoite With Round Filigrees Silver Earrings


Crystal Cyclamen Briolette Sterling Earrings


Cyclamen Tears Sterling Earrings


Cyclamen Crystal Sterling Earrings


Silver Ellipse Earrings with purple crystals


Purple Velvet Hoop Earrings with gold filled hoops


Yellow & Black Crystal Rondelle Silver Hoop Earrings


Purple Velvet Dark Copper Earrings


April Rain Earrings


Celtic Purple Chainmail Gold Earrings


Celtic Purple Chainmail Silver Earrings


Lilac Mint Silver Chain Drop Earrings


Rainbow Crystals Sterling Earrings