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Earrings By Color: Orange

Amber, tangerine, apricot, rust, pumpkin; orange comes in many varieties. It is the color of security, fun, abundance, and many delicious foods!

Bring some vibrant color to your outfit with a splash of this exciting color. Each of these earrings has orange components to match your outfits.

Helix Nebula Gold Earrings


Neon Orange Copper Chandelier Earrings


Neon Orange Silver Chandelier Earrings


Animal Prints Caterpillar Earrings


Tiger Stripes Caterpillar Earrings


Copper Butterfly with Spiral Tail Earrings


Carnelian Oval Gold Earrings


Carnelian Butterfly Brass Earrings


Carnelian Orange Leaf Earrings


Triangle Crystal Summer Gold Filled Earrings


Triangle Crystal Summer Sterling Silver Earrings


Sun Orange Array Earrings


Crystal Summer Silver Hoop Earrings


Crystal Autumn Silver Hoop Earrings


Rainbow Crystals Sterling Earrings