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Gold & Blue Animal Print Disk Earrings

Gold & Blue Animal Print Disk Earrings

Gold & Blue Animal Print Disk Earrings Gold & Blue Animal Print Disk Earrings Gold & Blue Animal Print Disk Earrings

Customizable - choose from 1 to 6 disks and choose the pattern cheetah or giraffe spots, tiger stripes, mix or custom

Choose Number of Disks and Pattern:

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♥ These earrings are handmade by us for you ♥

Gold & Blue Animal Print Disk Earrings are handmade with gold animal prints on blue aluminum disks. Each earring has disks that can free float, giving the earring a segmented look, almost like a caterpillar. The animal print patterns are inspired by cheetah/ leopard spots, giraffe spots, zebra/ tiger stripes. Each pattern is hand drawn and, like the original creatures, are unique to each earring. The earwires are gold filled hooks.

These earrings are customizable:

Choose the Number of Disks:

The length will vary depending on how many disks you choose. You can pick anywhere from 1 to 6 disks. Each disk adds about 1/4" or 5mm extra to the length. The price of your earrings varies depending on how many disks you select.

Choose the Pattern:

Cheetah Spots: All disks are cheetah spots

Giraffe Spots: All disks are giraffe spots

Tiger Stripes: All disks have tiger stripes

Mix: Patterns will alternate - tiger stripes, cheetah, giraffe

Custom: You will let us know. Contact us via email or add note to payment info describing what pattern disks you want and in what order.


1. You want the earrings shown in the image above - choose Number of Disks - 6 Disks and choose Pattern - Mix.

2. You want earrings 3 disks long but only leopard/ cheetah spots - choose Number of Disks - 3 Disks and choose Pattern - Cheetah Spots.

3. You want earrings 4 disks long and all tiger stripes on the right and all giraffe on the left - choose 4 Disks and choose pattern - Custom. You now need to contact and let us know the combination you would like.

The earring size is measured from the top of the earwires to the bottom of the lowest disk.

Our Safari Prints Collection is based on skin patterns of cheetahs, giraffes, zebras, and tigers that have long been coveted as fashionable add-ons, whether as prints for shirts, dresses, leggings, and other accessories, or as bases for jewelry and jewelry components of various kinds. No two animals have exactly the same prints and that is what makes them truly unique!

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