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Jewelry Beads

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Crystal Fiber Optic Firepolished Gemstone
Glass Seed Beads Shell, Coral, Pearls


Fiber Optic Beads

These beads are fiber optic quartz shaped into beads that transmit light in strange ways (chatoyant). Round beads have a light center band that shifts based on your viewing angle resembling a cat's eye while cube beads can force an image through to the opposite side.


Gemstone Beads

Semi-precious gemstones generally are very inexpensive stones when compared to their precious counterparts. However, for jewelry and craft makers, they can still have their own value. Along with their beauty and color, these beads may be used for nature, mother earth, or metaphysical-based or inspired designs. Here is our selection of round, chip and special semi-precious beads for craft and jewelry makers including such favorites as Amber, Agate, Amethyst, Black Onyx, Jade, Jasper, Sodalite and more.

Special Cut Beads
Gemstone Round Beads
Gemstone Chip Beads


Glass Beads

See our selection of glass beads including CzechMates Tile beads, glass rings, donut beads and dagger beads in exciting colors for craft and jewelry makers alike.


Seed Beads

Seed Beads are a large part of our store and we will continue to add more types and colors to our existing line on a continuous basis. There are so many colors, effects and cuts that it can be a struggle to determine a particular bead you want or need. Find Jablonex/ Preciosa and Miyuki beads.


Shell, Coral, Pearls

Shells, Pearls and Coral can be purchased as beads or pendants that are predrilled or cut to allow stringing. They are treated for strength, dyed into a myriad of colors, cut to form uniform shapes or sorted for easy incorporation into jewelry.

Shell, Coral, PearlsShell, Coral, PearlsShell, Coral, PearlsShell, Coral, Pearls


Crystal Beads

Swarovski crystal is made in Austria and is one of the world's best crystal manufacturers because of the precision and quality of their beads.

Swarovski Crystal BeadsSwarovski Crystal BeadsSwarovski Crystal BeadsSwarovski Crystal Beads