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5mm Stitched Suede Round Leather Cord

5mm Stitched Suede Round Leather Cord

We would like to introduce you to 5mm stitched suede leather cord from Leather Cord USA. This cord is wonderful with a suede leather strip wrapped and stitched around a solid cotton core. The cord is stitched so that you end up with a round profile. The stitching is tight enough you generally don't see the inner core or loose threads.

We have the following colors:

This item is available in the following colors
Black Gecko Turquoise Pebble Grey Green Pink Turquoise

We have a wish list of more colors

like the Black and White Zebra, Royal Blue Pebble, Red Pebble, Metallic Gecko and so on...

Hopefully Soon!!!

We get them in 10 meter rolls...

... and we sell them by the foot - so there is a potential 30 plus feet available in a single length. If you order 9 ft, you should get a 9 ft continuous piece.

Now that being said, the manufacturer will have joins along the way. They are unavoidable - in the words of a fellow reseller "there is no cow so long..." when asked by a customer as to why there was a join. Keep this in mind on longer lengths.

Want more than one? A 15% discount for each item is offered when more than one unit is purchased. Discount is automatically applied to the second and more items. Quantities can be adjusted in cart. All our prices are in USD$.

Free Shipping on orders over $100    All prices are in USD$    Ships next business day

So what can we do with this cord?

OK here is a big secret - not suppossed to tell anyone yet but...

Check out this book cover image.

This is one of our jewelry artists soon to be published!!!

Well soon, as in November...

This is a compilation of jewelry projects with a chainmail theme. And what do we see featured on the cover, but a pebble print cord. So here, larger than life, is one project that fully uses the cord we're describing.

OK where can you buy the book?

Currently its only available for preorder on However as time goes by Barnes and Noble, Kalmbach (the publisher) and a number of other sites will have it for sale. We will have a limited number available on our webstore as well. More info will be provided it becomes available.

On Amazon, the book is described as:

The projects use a variety of traditional chain mail weaves, but the focus is on incorporating popular, easy-to-find embellishments to make each piece unique: Swarovski bicones, pearls, and briolettes; TierraCast charms and fancy links; semi-precious gemstone beads; and leather, ribbon, and varied types of chain. Sidebars provide alternate designs and color variations, and tips and hints throughout the book help jewelry makers achieve a professional, polished finish.

Please note: The cord featured on the cover is one of our faux leather cords - Turquoise Pebble Print. This particular cord is still available and is a lot cheaper and of course made with all synthetic material. So may be something to consider when choosing a cord for your next project.

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Happy Jewelry Making and have a wonderful day!!!

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