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Design your own jewelry

Follow this page for inspirational ideas for jewelry projects using products from our store. Find fantastic earrings, bracelets and necklace designs that may be just what you are looking for on your next project.

We sell all our designs. Click on any image and you will see the page for that that item that will include a description and payment button.

We've recently added some exciting faux leather cord and findings to our store.

Large diameter cord - and by large we mean 6mm - combined with some neat findings can make short work of a bracelet project for any fashion-conscious designer.

This cord is actually not real leather in the true sense of the word but has a cloth or felt core with a leather or cloth overlay finished with a colored polyurethane coat. The cord is then rolled and sewn into a round profile. Although, called snakeskin cord, no snakes or manta rays or otherwise magnificent creatures were used to create this cord.

There are three cord colors: a true-look grey and black snakeskin, a textured black and a textured turquoise colored cord. The black and turquoise cord has a texturing more similar to manta ray leather than say snake skin with a raised dot pattern.

Snakeskin Cord

Grey and Black Snakeskin

This cord is does have the a sidewinder snakey look. So if you need the power of the serpent for your next jewelry project this might be the cord to use.


Black Leather Cord


This cord is a dark black with shiny dot texturing reminiscent of manta ray leather. Black goes with everything and would be the default color for most projects whether your making a one of a kind bracelet or a new design necklace.
Black Leather Cord


This cord has a green turquoise color and similar to our black cord has a shiny dot texturing reminiscent of manta ray leather. We love turquoise and wanted this cord for jewelry projects in our Turquoise Island collection.

OK now for the findings...

For the single cord project

We had to dig through our store and see what was available for a 6mm cord. It turns out that a cap with the perfect fit is the TierraCast Pagoda End Caps. Simply glue a cap at both ends and add a clasp and you are done. Available in four finishes, antiqued copper, brass oxide, bright rhodium and bright gold, these caps will add an elegant look to your bracelet design.

6mm Pagoda End Cap Antiqued Copper
6mm Pagoda End Cap Brass Oxide
6mm Pagoda End Cap Bright Rhodium
6mm Pagoda End Cap Bright Gold

For the duel cord projects

We decided on three different types of findings that could work. These findings are designed specifically for licorice leather cords or straps but we decided to use them for our own nefarious purposes. What we needed was an opening that would fit two 6mm cords into one slot. Obviously, an opening size of 12 x 6mm would be perfect but we could only find close substitutes that worked great as the cord snugs in side by each without too much problem.

If you love magnetic, here is a fabulous option:
10.5 x 6.5mm Magnetic Clasp Finding

10.5 x 6.5mm Magnetic Clasp Finding Antiqued Copper
10.5 x 6.5mm Magnetic Clasp Silvertone
Magnetic Clasp Finding for leather cord

This is a two part clasp. Glue one end to each side of your double cord bracelet and it snaps together with magnets. Simple easy voila done!!!

WOW!!! look at these :0

Magnetic Half Cuff Bracelet finding with ID 9.5 x 6mm

Magnetic Half Cuff Bracelet Antiqued Brass
Magnetic Half Cuff Bracelet Antiqued Copper
Magnetic Half Cuff Bracelet Gunmetal
Magnetic Half Cuff Bracelet Bright Rhodium

These findings are actually intended to be one half of your bracelet. There are two parts to this finding as the images above show them snapped together.

We would finish the bracelet with the 6mm cord (doubled up as the opening allows two cords). You can make a bracelet that fits up to a 7.5 inch wrist size before the metal starts to pinch back. Here's this finding separated into its two ends.

T Bar Clasp 5 x 11mm

For those not interested in the magnetic clasp option, this is a great alternative. As you can see these are wide enough but just a little bit of a squeeze for our 6mm cord but does work. Look at the wonderful bracelet we made with this clasp and the turquoise cord.

T Bar Clasp Bright RhodiumTurquoise Green Faux Leather Cord Bracelet

As you can see we turned the sewn edges together to the inside of the bracelet. This is one of the benefits of the two cord system. Peyote stitch sleeves made with Miyuki seed beads are used as focal decorations.

Happy Jewelry Making and have a wonderful day!!!

Animal Prints Caterpillar Earrings


Silver on Blue Animal Print Caterpillar Earrings


Gold on Blue Animal Print Caterpillar Earrings


customizable earrings

These earrings above are straight from our Safari Prints Collection where our patterns are based on African animals.

You can choose between Cheetah/ Leopard Spots, Giraffe Spots, and Zebra or Tiger Stripes.

You also can choose how many disks you want.

~~~The Story~~~

We recently sold a pair of the blue and silver earrings to a lady in California who had a restriction on the length of the earrings she could wear at work. She was only allowed 2 Inch earrings. Our pre-made earrings, which were all six disks long, were 2-1/4". So she asked - with great hopes - if we could sell her a pair with 5 disks instead of the six which she believed would be less than 2 Inches. We, of course, said yes and sold her the 5 disk earrings (which were just shy of 2 Inches) and her request inspired us to change our format to allow this customization.

Is there an animal pattern you would like us to try for you? email us at

Oh by the way, if you need to find your inner animal try the World Wildlife Foundation (WWF) Inner Animal Quiz. (Please note the quiz will pop up in a separate window) Likely you will end up as a Big Horn Sheep, or Eagle or hopefully not a Grizzly Bear but maybe a nice cuddly Panda Bear or Koala. Support wildlife anyway, anywhere you can.

Lets say you get a Tiger Animal Spirit - you know where to get Tiger earrings. A tiger person would have courage and a lot of willpower and be very well respected.

Would a Giraffe person be tall? Not necessarily, but would most likely be creative and daring (as in sticking your neck out or being creative outside the box) or stretching ourselves out to achieve greater things in perhaps business or personal relationships.

How about the Cheetah? A solitary animal but widely known for its speed. Cheetahs are very focused and swift but for a short period of time. Do you know anyone like that? In ancient times, the cheetah spirit was believed to have the ability to conquer evil and to heal sickness.

Well for those of us that feel the need to have a mix (I can be a tiger person given the right circumstances, I can be a giraffe person when pushed into a corner, and I can be a cheetah person when the going gets tough) you can order all of the patterns as shown in the images (mix) or you can custom your own design ( cheetah and tiger/ tiger one side , giraffe on the other). Just let us know once you place your order.

Jewelry Kits --- our first kit is now available!!!

Kit for Copper Caterpillar Disc Earrings

Copper Caterpillar Disc Earrings Kit

This kit contains all the unassembled components (earwires, discs and jumprings) required to make this earring set. Step-by-step written instructions are also provided. Learn how easy it is to make your own fabulous jewelry.

Leather Bracelet StrapsShop Now >>> Leather Bracelet Straps

Make your own jewelry with TierraCast leather bracelet straps in 11 fabulous colors.

These straps are 10 inches long and 1/2 inches wide perfect for use as a component for leather bracelets. Use TierraCast leather findings for best results including rivets and strap tips to create amazing bracelets.

Prices reduced Was $2.99 On Sale : $2.58

From Leather Craft to Jewelry Making

4mm Rivet Setter Tool4mm Compression Rivets Bright GoldRivet Set Antiqued CopperRivet Set Bright SilverRivet Set Antiqued PewterRivet Set Brass OxideRivet Set Black Finish
Eyelet Setter and Anvil5mm Eyelets Bright Brass5mm Eyelets Silver Plate5mm Eyelets Black Finish5mm Eyelets Antiqued Copper5mm Eyelets Brass Oxide5mm Eyelets Antiqued Pewter

We're featured in Bead Style Magazine

Celtic Chainmail Gold EarringsCeltic Chainmail Gold Earrings

Our Celtic Chainmail Gold Earrings are featured in the November issue of Bead Style Magazine.

As described from their home page "Bead Style features quick jewelry projects in today's hottest fashions and colors." The article is written to show everyone how to make these wonderful earrings for themselves. If you figure out how to make them come back and buy the components here. Of course, you can take the short cut and just buy the earrings. We would love you either way :)

You design and we make - email us if you want a custom order.

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