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Size 10/0 - Czech Seed Beads

*Sorry due to high cost of shipping, we do not ship these seed beads overseas.


Opaque: These are beads that light won't pass through. These beads can be solid or multicolored and generally have a low to medium shine.

10/0 Apple Red Seed Beads 
Apple Red
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.30/ OZ

19 left

10/0 Jet Black Seed Beads 
10/0 Seed Beads

$1.54/ OZ


10/0 Black Matte Seed Beads 
Black Matte
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.40/ OZ

27 left

10/0 Dyed Purple Seed Beads 
Dyed Purple
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.90/ OZ

11 left

10/0 Fuchsia Pink Seed Beads 
Fuchsia Pink
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.42/ OZ


10/0 Medium Blue Seed Beads 
Medium Blue
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.00/ OZ

28 left

10/0 Medium Green Seed Beads 
Medium Green
10/0 Seed Beads

$1.90/ OZ

17 left

10/0 Medium Grey Seed Beads 
Medium Grey
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.00/ OZ

6 left

10/0 Powder Blue Seed Beads 
Powder Blue
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.00/ OZ

9 left

10/0 Snow White Seed Beads 
Snow White
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.00/ OZ

18 left


Transparent: These are beads that allow light to pass through. Some transparent beads may be darker or translucent and their transparency may not be obvious unless held to a light source.

10/0 Amethyst Purple Seed Beads 
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.00/ OZ

4 left

10/0 Crystal Matte Seed Beads 
Crystal Matte
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.50/ OZ

26 left


Color Lined: These are transparent beads with a colored or metallic lining within the thread hole.

10/0 Lime Green Silver Lined Seed Beads 
Lime Green SL
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.30/ OZ

16 left


Pearlized: These beautiful beads are opaque beads with a luster finish.

10/0 Ceylon Pearl Seed Beads 
Ceylon Pearl
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.40/ OZ

41 left


Metallic Color: These beads are glass beads with a metal-like surface coating. You cannot use metal cleaners on these beads as you may destroy the finish. Metallic coatings may rub off or change color.

10/0 Metallic Blue Seed Beads 
Metallic Blue
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.50/ OZ

44 left

10/0 Metallic Gold Seed Beads 
Metallic Gold
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.50/ OZ

20 left

10/0 Metallic Pink Seed Beads 
Metallic Pink
10/0 Seed Beads

$2.50/ OZ

39 left


Mixes: are seed beads where the mixture is of multiple shades of the same color and the same bead size.


Size 10/0 - Czech Seed Beads

*Sorry due to high cost of shipping, we do not ship these seed beads overseas.

These are popular Preciosa / Jablonex Czech seed beads highly valued by craft and jewelry makers. Czech seed beads are very versatile and can be used for bead stringing, crochet, bead weaving and embroidery to name a few applications. Czech beads can vary in diameter which may require some culling if you are doing precision work.

FAQ's about 10/0 Seed Beads

  • 10/0 seed beads are approx. 2.3mm diameter
  • Threading hole size is approx 0.6mm diameter
  • 1 ounce = 28.3 grams
  • 1 ounce of 10/0 contains approx 2200 beads
  • 10/0 seed beads are approx 18 beads/inch

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Using Seed Beads in Jewelry - Bead Crochet

Although the art of crochet may have originated in ancient Egyptian times, with the loops in the thread formed by hand, the earliest records and descriptions of bead crochet date from about the 1820’s. Bead crochet gained popularity through the 1800’s in crocheted bags, clothing and décor. In the “Roaring 1920’s,” flapper fashion incorporated beads into hats, dresses, and handbags, often in profusions of loops that would swing, shimmer, and clatter with movement. Ropes crocheted with seedbeads were popular flapper necklaces. These ropes were very long, as they were made to loop around the neck several times, and they were often knotted and fringed at the ends. Bead crochet diminished in the 1930’s, with the onset of the Great Depression, but has again had increased popularity since the 1980’s.

Bead crochet ropes remain a standard, due to their beauty, their versatility, and the wonderful drape and feel of a finished rope. They can be crocheted with various sizes of seedbeads – smaller beads such as Size 10/0 produce a finer, more delicate rope, whereas larger beads such as Size 6/0 create a ‘chunkier,’ more standout look. They can be crocheted with a simple, but elegant pattern of seedbeads to make bracelets and necklaces for everyday or business wear. On the other hand, they can be designed with intricate patterns, embellished with accent beads (crystals, pearls or gemstones, for example), or enhanced with a beautiful pendant to create a truly stunning showpiece.

Recent advancements in the creation of new types of fibers and beads, and innovations in needle and hook designs, have opened the doors to a multitude of new options for beaded crochet ropes, and the possibilities are nearly as limitless as your imagination.

Jewelry Crochet 101

Making a bead crochet necklace is a time-consuming but rewarding task. There are many skills required to create a crochet necklace including a thorough knowledge of different stitching techniques (most common is the tubular rope stitch), pattern design (including how to map a tubular design), detailed knowledge of various beads including brands, colors and properties of the beads, and the appropriate threads available for various sizes of beads.

A popular form of bead crochet uses seed beads with a tubular stitch pattern creating a "rope" necklace. Choose a bead type, size, and necklace length (or bracelet size), thread your beads and crochet with slip-stitches in a tubular pattern to create your rope. There are many books and online instructions available for more detailed stitching directions. These "ropes" are very versatile and can be braided, split with focal beads at the center or sides, have frilly ends with fancy beads, or just plain capped. Add a nice toggle clasp, and perhaps a pendant, and you have an elegant piece of jewelry.

There are several types of beads you can use in bead crochet. For beaded rope crochet, seed beads are frequently used, and Czech glass seed beads are most popular, because their slightly rounded edges make the rope more flexible. You can use Japanese beads (such as Miyuki or Toho) if you want more precision, but your rope will be more rigid. You can also incorporate other beads, such as fire polished beads, shell beads, fiber optic beads, any many others into your rope pattern to create special effects.

You can make a bead crochet rope necklace in any length, depending on your intended outcome. For instance, you could make a choker-length rope split in the center with a gemstone nugget as a focal bead. A princess-length rope looks great with a 30mm-40mm Swarovski pendant. Very long ropes can be double-looped or tied for different effects.

Necklace Lengths

  • 14 to 16 inches - Choker Necklace, falls to the hollow of the neck
  • 17 to 19 inches - Princess Necklace, falls to the collarbone, is the most common length used with pendants
  • 20 to 25 inches -; Matinee Necklace, falls to the crown of the bust, is also used for pendants.
  • 26 to 34 inches - Opera Necklace
  • over 34 inches - Lariats or Ropes