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10/0 Amethyst Purple Seed Beads

10/0 Amethyst Purple Seed Beads

$1.75/ OZ

25 left

~~~ try 10 ounces for $15.14 with discount ($1.51/oz) ~~~

*Sorry due to high cost of shipping, we do not ship these seed beads overseas from this store.

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Item Description

Amethyst Purple rocaille 10/0 seed beads with a transparent amethyst purple coloring. These are popular Preciosa / Jablonex Czech seed beads highly valued by craft and jewelry makers. Czech seed beads are very versatile and can be used for bead stringing, crochet, bead weaving and embroidery to name a few applications. Czech beads can vary in diameter which may require some culling if you are doing precision work.

For larger orders (greater than 17 ounces) we may send you a factory pack(s) rather than individual 1 oz bags. A factory pack is 500 grams = 17.6 ounces.


  • 10/0 Seed Beads
  • Transparent: These are beads that allow light to pass through. Some transparent beads may be darker or translucent and their transparency may not be obvious unless held to a light source.

FAQ's about 10/0 Seed Beads

  • 10/0 seed beads are approx. 2.3mm diameter
  • Threading hole size is approx 0.6mm diameter
  • 1 ounce = 28.3 grams
  • 1 ounce of 10/0 contains approx 2200 beads
  • 10/0 seed beads are approx 18 beads/inch

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