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Royal Blue - 16 Gauge - 1/4" ID
Anodized Aluminum Round Open Jump Rings

16 GA - 1/4 Inch ID - Royal Blue Jump Rings Anodized Aluminum

$3.00/5 g

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Item Description

Royal Blue Jump Rings are made with aluminum jump rings and colored using an anodizing process. These jump rings are saw cut for nice straight edges but the ends are bare (not colored). Because these jump rings are aluminum they are very light compared to other jump rings with brass or copper metal rings. Use these for chainmail or as jump rings to attach charms to bracelets, clasps onto chain, etc.

1/4" ID (7mm) jump rings are made with 1.2mm thick wire (approx 16 Gauge AWG) having an aspect ratio of 5.5. The outside diameter (OD) is 9mm.

Item Specs:

  • 16 AWG Open Jump Rings
  • Saw Cut Anodized Aluminum
  • Ring diameter (ID) 1/4"

    5 Grams approx 70 Jump Rings
    ID (mm) 6.7 - ID (in) .263
    OD (mm) 9.1 - OD (in) .359
    Aspect Ratio (AR) 5.5
  • #RL-AAJR-16

What is...?

Gauge - GA - AWG - this is the thickness of the wire. Most jump rings are manufactured using standard wire that is measured in gauges. We list our wire and jump rings using the AWG or american wire gauge system.

ID - inside diameter - measurement of the closed jump ring from inside edge to inside edge across the center.

OD - outside diameter - measurement of the closed jump ring from the outside edge to outside edge across the center.

AR - aspect ratio - specific to chainmail designs measures the inside diameter (ID) of the jump ring by the thickness (Gauge) of the wire or AR = ID / GA. This is a guideline measurement to determine whether a certain size jump ring will work with the weave you plan to use.

This item is available in the following colors
Black Black Ice Bronze Champagne Dark Rose Gold Lavender Pink Purple Red Royal Blue Seafoam Silver Silver Matte Sky Blue

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